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One-of-a-kind cat found in dumpster is as rare as a unicorn

Terri Irwin is without a doubt the person who loves Steve Irwin the most; they truly made the perfect couple and had a wonderful relationship.

Although losing your spouse is never easy, Terri has persevered in her efforts to protect animals and carry on Steve’s “Wildlife Warrior” legacy.


The kitten was clearly abandoned there and was suffering from gangrene in a rear paw as well as a broken front leg.

Fortunately, her adoptive mother knew just how to assist her. She has been restored to health over time and continues to proudly sport her cone.

Martyr tragically lost her hind paw due to the gangrene she developed. Her mother, who had prior experience raising puppies, helped her recover in a secure manner so that she could get to where she is now.


Martyr was recently found to be a male cat, despite her humble origins in the trash can!

While Martyr is a very uncommon exception, calico cats are typically female. In fact, until lately, he was referred to as a “she.”

Only one male tortoiseshell cat in every three thousand, it seems!

This is because cats have an X chromosome, which contributes to their orange and black hair.

Due to their double X chromosomes, female cats have a white base coat with orange and black fur on top, giving them the look of a calico cat.

Therefore, a male cat must truly possess two X chromosomes in addition to a Y chromosome in order to appear calico.


That makes Martyr and other cat breeds miracles of nature.

This makes this cat as rare as a mythical unicorn, especially when combined with his humble origins. When his new mother’s cousin uploaded all of the images seen in this article there, Martyr’s adorable face became a part of the internet sensation!


What are your thoughts on Martyr’s tale? Do you want a pet just like him?

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