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Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne celebrate 40 years of marriage, despite cheating scandals, health scares and more

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are rejoicing their 40th wedding anniversary. Ozzy shared an old photograph of the duo to mark their landmark journey of 40 years. Ozzy, 73, wrote in the caption – 40 Years Ago, Today! Happy Anniversary My Love.

In the photograph, Sharon appears stunning in a white dress team up with a white veil and Ozzy stands alongside her, in a white outfit and a creeper of leaves covered around his collar.

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In the meantime, Sharon shared an Instagram post to celebrate the anniversary. She wrote that 2022 is a special year as it marks 40 years of wedding to Ozzy. She further added that they first encountered when she was 18. In these over 52 years, they have been friends, love birds, duo, grandparents, soulmates and constantly stand by each other.

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Though they happened to meet in 1970 but they developed a romantic bond in 1979. The pair got married in 1982 and greeted daughters Aimee and Kelly and son Jack. Their association has been tested over several occasions in these many years, but the couple has succeeded to continue being robust.

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Ozzy allegedly attacked Sharon in 1989 and was detained. He has fought with substance abuse and was under the impact of drugs at the time. But Sharon decided to continue by her partner’s side in spite of the attack. She looked at the event as a health calamity.

The couple was hit with a cheating scandal. As per the reports in May 2016, Ozzy’s betrayal came up and the pair separated after 33 years of marriage. But ultimately their love took them together as they reconciled.

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In the subsequent year, Ozzy opened up about his sex habit and how he cheated on Sharon with many women. He told Rolling Stone that he was lucky as Sharon still decided to stay with him. Sharon also spoke the very same year about how she fell in love with her husband again.

Ozzy said in 2020 that he feels sorry for cheating on Sharon and said that he doesn’t do it any longer. Sharon explained that spending 35 years of your life with someone is quite a long time and she think she fell out of love with her companion and then fell back yet again. She added that she just had a new-born love and she valued him since he’s really trying to be an improved soul.

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Ozzy suffered a very major surgery last month which could govern the rest of his life and Sharon continued alongside him. Later, she voiced thankfulness for the tremendous volume of love, backing and prayers from folks in the times that led up to his operation.

Sharon revealed that the process went fine and Ozzy is doing well and on the road to retrieval!

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