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Poor Homeless Man Celebrates Dog’s Birthday In a Unique Way!

It was reported about a person in Colombia who didn’t even have a home to live in but insisted that showing kindness and love to others and animals doesn’t cost anything.

On the internet and other social networks, a video celebrating one of his dogs’ birthdays in an original way with several pets has gained popularity.

This man once dressed the two dogs in matching hats for a birthday party and petted them while sitting on the stairs. He went ahead and took a small cake out of a plastic bag because no birthday party would be complete without a birthday cake.

The man said “Happy Birthday” to his dogs and lavishly kissed them after lighting several colorful candles.

After that, he is seen giving each of his dogs a piece of cake before tasting it himself. This wonderful person who celebrated the birthdays of dogs was known as “Choco.” According to Instagram search results, Choco’s real name is José Luis Matos.

Choco, despite not having a home, is well known for caring for his dogs and is frequently seen out and about with his adorable canine companions. The man lives on the street in the Cabezera neighborhood of Barranquilla, Bucaramanga, according to Rotelo, the journalist who first posted this incredible video.

Many People Visited Him And Gave Him Several Gifts Out Of Love And Generosity As The Video Became Popular.

Choco, whose real name is José Luis Matos, originally hails from the municipality of El Peón, according to search results on the social media platform Instagram. He claimed that the unique birthday celebration was held to honor his dog Shaggy’s fourth birthday.

Nena, Choco’s other dog, has been living with him for ten years and celebrates her birthday in November.

He responded to questions from followers live on his Instagram account, explaining that the physical abuse he experienced forced him to leave his house and live on the streets.

He also expressed to others his desire to pursue music and establish an animal shelter.

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