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Rescue Dog Clings to His New Dad on the Way Home – Refuses to Let Go

Witnessing the first steps of a rescue dog toward a new life is always heartwarming. These dogs seem to understand they’re finally safe as they embark on the journey to their forever home.

Their gratitude often shines through in wagging tails, happy barks, and an undeniable spark in their eyes. Despite any lingering fears, a glance into their grateful eyes confirms they know they’ve been saved and better days are ahead.

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Some dogs, like Stanley, show their appreciation in extra special ways. Stanley, a 6-month-old pup, was discovered with his mother in an abandoned house. The frightened puppy was taken to a shelter, hoping he’d soon find a loving home.

Sam Clarence, a volunteer dog walker with the Bull Breed Rescue in Christchurch, New Zealand, was asked to foster Stanley for a few weeks. But when Sam met Stanley at the shelter, he knew fostering wasn’t in the cards – he was going to adopt him.

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The connection was instant, and as Sam drove Stanley to his new home, the puppy kept a paw on Sam’s arm the entire way, as if to say, “I’ll never let you go.”

Once home, it was clear that while Stanley had bonded deeply with Sam, he still had fears to overcome. His first challenge was getting out of the car, which took over an hour.

After finally getting inside, Stanley was fed, bathed, and introduced to his cozy new bed. He quickly started to settle in, though he always stayed close to Sam, earning the nickname “Velcro dog.”

Image credit: YouTube

Today, Stanley is a happy and confident dog. He and Sam love outdoor adventures, including swimming in lakes and ponds. Despite his newfound confidence, Stanley’s favorite thing is still staying close to his dad – he always keeps a paw on Sam, even while resting.

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