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Server takes seat with lone 91-yr-old veteran not knowing so many others eavesdropping on conversation

Lisa Meilander visited an Eat’n Park restaurant in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania, with her family on a Saturday night for dinner. They were promptly seated, and Dylan was the young man who served them. An old guy entered the restaurant and sat down as Dylan went to his tasks.

Dylan moved over to him and made sure to drop down on one knee so he could talk to the old guy while looking him in the eyes. The man claimed to Dylan that he had lost a lot of his hearing while serving in the war and that he had forgotten his hearing aid.

Image credit: Facebook/Lisa Meilander

Dylan paid close attention as the old man related a few more tales. The man then expressed regret for consuming too much of the young man’s time. However, Dylan shook his head and informed the man that he didn’t mind at all and that he had a great time listening to him. The man said, “I’m all alone now,” to Dylan. And I don’t have somebody to chat to very often.

While grinning, Dylan assisted the man in deciding what he wanted for dinner. After that, he returned to the kitchen to place the order.

The man had touched Lisa and her family so much that they decided to buy him a lunch. However, a neighboring man stopped the waiter and paid for the man’s lunch before they could summon Dylan.

Image credit: Facebook/Lisa Meilander

Dylan brought the elderly man’s lunch when it was prepared and then informed him that he was about to take a break. He then requested a seat with the man for the duration of the conversation. That man was thrilled to have a conversation with someone—a nice, young man—for a while. And throughout his break, Dylan sat there, engrossed in the tales of his new friend.

This moved a lot of folks who were seated nearby. “With all of the horrible reports about our youth today, this was a breath of fresh air,” writes Lisa in a Facebook post about the encounter. If I had been the one working there, I’m not sure if I would have been as considerate and careful.

Ask for Dylan if you ever visit Eat’n Park in Belle Vernon, that much is certain. You’re sure to receive excellent service if he serves as your waiter.

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