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Single Teacher Adopts Newborn No One Wanted, 14 Years Later Takes DNA Test & Learns He’s His Son

A divorced guy unintentionally reveals a family bombshell that alters his life forever while conducting a lighthearted DNA testing on himself and his 14-year-old adoptive kid.

It may sound like a scene from a movie when you learn you have a brother you never knew you had and that you were actually adopted. But what if it actually did occur?

As it did for devoted dad Patrick, genetic testing can reveal some sinister family secrets and completely upend a family. He chose to do a light-hearted experiment with his 14-year-old adopted son, Evan, when he turned 39 that March.

He bought a kit for a DIY DNA test since he thought it was a neat idea, little realising that his amusing experiment would turn up something unexpected.

What is this thing, Dad? Why are you cleaning my cheek, exactly? Evan enquired as Patrick gathered their test-related samples.

What am I overlooking? The boy is my biological son, but how is that even possible?
“Son, it’s a DNA test kit. Did you realise? Since we are all 99.9% identical, you never know who might be connected to you.

Patrick gathered the samples and forwarded them for analysis. He anticipated that he would soon learn more about any genetic disorders he might have and learn more about Evan’s birth parents. Nevertheless, what he found three weeks later was not what he had anticipated.

A notice appeared on Patrick’s laptop, and he was overjoyed. He checked the outcomes by logging into his password-protected DNA testing account.

He entered the information required to view the findings, exclaiming, “Finally, I can learn more about my son and my family tree!”

Nevertheless, the findings revealed something unexpected for Patrick—his DNA matched Evan’s DNA by 99%, proving he was the boy’s birth father.

“What? How is this possible? He screamed, choosing not to share the findings with his son until he solved the puzzle. He started by contacting the foster family from which he had adopted Evan 14 years earlier.

“Mr. It’s so good to see you, Gilmore. How may I be of service to you? “The caretaker questioned him. He was the same man Patrick had spoken to about Evan’s adoption fourteen years earlier.

I wanted to talk about certain specifics regarding Evan.

Well, how is he doing? Has he settled in well with you? He was always sobbing in this place, but no one took him in because they believed he was too difficult. The temper tantrums he threw anytime someone picked him up from the crib are still fresh in my memory. Thank God, he now resides in a warm environment.

Patrick found this strange given Evan never screamed or acted out when a baby in his care.

“All right, so, do you know how I can reach his parents? Maybe his mother? ” Patrick enquired.

We don’t know anything about Evan’s parents, Mr. Gilmore; I’m sorry. He had no identity or letter with him when we just happened to find him on our doorway.

Patrick returned home inconsolable but resolved to learn why Evan turned out to be connected to him.

What am I overlooking? I have no idea how this guy is even my biological son. ” He pondered before remembering his ex-wife, Andrea.

Patrick’s refusal to attempt new things to increase his income caused a tough point in their marriage fourteen years prior. He had the ability, but he disliked taking chances, so he persisted with his menial teaching position.

Their marriage was terminated due to his stubbornness and apathy to her nags about fresh money-making initiatives. Andrea left Patrick’s life after their divorce without looking back.

Patrick reflected on their final few months of dating before their breakup. He recalled Andrea having a few episodes of vomiting and occasionally going to the doctor. When he inquired about it, she assured him that it was simply stress and not to worry.

Patrick had a lot of questions in his head. He went to meet Andrea for an explanation as he knew where she worked.

“Patrick?! It’s wonderful to see you. What’s up? ” she said in greeting.

“I’m OK. What’s up? ”

What do you think about me, well, look at me? I am currently quite happy because I married a wealthy man. How are you doing? ”

Still single,” Patrick answered directly. He only wished to make a point. But it wasn’t the reason I came here. I’m curious about Evan.

“Evan? One who? ”

“My son.”

“You’re a father?

“I took him home 14 years ago from the shelter. Moreover, it transpires that he is my ACTUAL SON.

Andrea grew drab and scowled. Patrick was dubious of her response.

“I’m interested in the truth, Andrea. Talk up. Why do I have a son that I was unaware of? I’ve only had sexual relations with you. Speak the truth, please.

There was some awkward silence before Andrea finally spoke.

“Patrick, that boy is your son—OUR SON!

“, she sobbed.

“Our child? But—”

“I apologise. I should have told you, but I didn’t want to risk our child’s future by having a poor and unsuccessful father like you. After our divorce, I didn’t want to abandon my infant with you and ruin his life.

“Andrea, what did you do? Speak the truth, please.

“I gave birth to our son after carrying him to term. I wanted to leave, but I was unable to take care of him. I didn’t want him to have a miserable existence, so I decided not to tell you about him. I therefore left him at the shelter in the hopes that a wealthy couple would take him in.

Patrick was shocked…

“How could you harm our child in that way? How could you leave him behind if all you wanted was for him to live a prosperous life? You didn’t know that fate would unite us, did you? I currently have the son you never wanted me to meet or raise.

Andrea was shocked by Patrick’s admission. She expressed her regret and guilt.

I apologise, Patrick. I merely desired for our son to have a better life free from hardship. I believed you would be unable to provide for him with the life he deserved.

“Your apology won’t make up for the heartache I endured before to meeting him. Your hasty choice nearly prevented me from being my son’s father.

I’m delighted you discovered him, Patrick. Although knowing that what I did was wrong, I was powerless. Please look after our son, Andrea pleaded.

“You don’t have to tell me how to care for my son; I know how. Goodbye!

He stormed out in a rage.

“Dad, I’m really grateful. This bike is awesome! You received some sort of promotion? When Evan saw the mountain bike Patrick had got him, he shouted, ” Owning one was his ultimate goal.

“Ah! Sincerely, son, I did. I was only going to be your adoptive father, but now I’m your REAL FATHER too! ”

Evan raised an eyebrow as he struggled to understand Patrick’s meaning.

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