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Smart Dog Enters Police Station to Report Himself Missing

You are aware that you can ask the police to look for assistance if you become lost. So when dog Chico lost his owner, he discovered that the police station was the ideal location to go. Although it seems absurd, this clever dog actually accomplished it. Like the good guy that he is, he went to the Odessa Police Department in Texas and reported his problem.

Image credit: Facebook

The police officers were surprised to see this person in the early morning hours of February 11. The young man entered the police station with grace and hopped up upon the counter. He “was missing” from his family, so he gently put his paws on the front desk to let them know.

Image credit: Facebook

Among the police officers waiting to greet him was Sergeant Rusty Martin. The dog, according to him, didn’t appear to be at all upset by his changed status. After ruling out a Lassie-type scenario, “We’re assuming he wants to apply for a K-9 position,” was posted on Facebook.

Image credit: Facebook

The canine received “plenty of love and attention,” according to the police. Martin continued, “We were all thrilled to have him in the building. “We had a tennis ball and played around with it in the foyer. Everybody cherished him.

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