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Teacher Accidentally Records Fart On Online Test And Sets It As A Question

Not sure this has ever happened to me before, but I sure wish it had. In a video posted to Instagram stories, user @the_mi_amor explains how her teacher puts audio questions on the online exams with an example of how the teacher does it.

Then shows another question where there is basically no audio the entire time and then a clearly audible fart sound at the end of it. It was an impressive fart if you ask me. The teacher definitely understood the assignment.

I bet she wanted to see if her students were paying attention. It certainly got my attention! Moore opens the video, explaining, ‘okay so, I’m in this French class and there’s this learning tool that we have where there’s the audio of the question, then we respond with typing’.

To be fair, it sounds like a half-decent way to learn French, when you compare it to the broken CD my teacher used to loop in class.

Moore continues to explain how she first noticed the odd question, adding ‘so usually the questions will be, like, three seconds long and then you would type in your response’.

Seems simple enough, but this is where the homework became hilarious.

Moore references the unusual question, saying, ‘so what’s interesting about this one is, this one is two minutes and 13 seconds and its all silence, until this part’.

After a dramatic pause and the question loading, we hear the long-awaited question, which isn’t a question at all – just Moore’s teacher farting.

People were quick to respond online, with the official SlimJim account noting ‘wonder what the answer to that question is’ to which another account responded, ‘respond with a louder fart, establish dominance

Not sure that’s how you pass French class but worth a shot. Some, however, speculated whether the noise was even a fart at all, with one user adding ‘that’s just the sound an iMac makes when it won’t let you drag & drop something. That’s the “nope you can’t do that” sound’.

Others have suggested they were in fact the star of the video, with one user writing ‘can confirm I was the fart’.


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