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Teen returns lost bag full of cash to owner after finding it at grocery store – RESPECT

It’s always worth remembering that strangers can be pleasant. With all that is wrong in the world, hearing a tale of stranger compassion might help bring back your faith in mankind!

Eliana Martin was going about her typical day at Ralphs. She discovered she had forgotten her wallet in the Chula Vista grocery shop when she returned home.

She worried and did what everyone advises you to do if you lose your wallet: she cancelled her credit cards. She cancelled her cards and realised she’d left her bag in the shopping card she’d used while shopping.

Fortunately for her, the individual who discovered her luggage had only kind motives. Adrian Rodriguez spotted the bag and immediately decided to retain it.

He explained his immediate instinct was to return it. He was contemplating if he should take it back to the store or just bring it to her.

Rather than giving the bag to the store, he chose to give it to Martin himself. He walked over to her house after discovering her address in the contents of her suitcase.

He rang the doorbell, delivered Martin’s suitcase to one of her relatives, and walked away.

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Martin subsequently remembered being astonished to find Adrian in the ring footage at her door, clutching her luggage and attempting to restore it to its proper owner.

Martin’s buddy, Melina Marquez, was astonished by his candour and stated, they should locate him so they can show him some appreciation.

Both women went to thank Rodriguez in person. As soon as she witnessed his behaviours, she was thinking, ‘I hope my son grows up to be just like him,’ Marquez told him. She is simply delighted he preserved the ideals his parents instilled in him.

Adrian was taken aback by their generosity and admitted that he had not anticipated anything in exchange. He added that he honestly didn’t anticipate anything back. He just returned her handbag.

The women are now creating a GoFundMe campaign to acquire funds to compensate the young man for his nice deeds. Their objective was to raise $1000, but they raised more than double that amount!

Adrian will be generously rewarded for his moral efforts, although he did not expect anything in return! Please share her uplifting story with your friends and family on Facebook

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