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Teen selflessly takes care of elderly neighbors and their daughter shares touching photos

Tiki Joyner Edwards had always felt that her parents took good care of her as a child, and now that they were both experiencing health problems, she wished to do her best to assist them. Unfortunately, she was unable to be as available to them as they were to her.

Image credit: Facebook/Tiki Edwards

However, there was a young man in her parents’ neighbourhood who had no qualms about checking on them and performing tasks for them. Romemylion Mitchell is 15 years old and his name is Mitchell. Therefore, Tiki was compelled to post her account of him on Facebook.

“I’d like to take a moment to recognize this gentleman who lives across the street from my parents,” says Tiki. He now deeply loves and cares for them and checks on them daily.

Image credit: Facebook/Tiki Edwards

He accompanies his father to the store, helps him shop, and brings the groceries home; he also mows the lawn and tends to their other needs. Few 15-year-olds would take the time to be there for their elderly neighbors.

In reality, he is a typical adolescent: He attends school, hangs out with his friends, and participates in a variety of social activities. However, the highest priority on his list is taking care of Tiki’s parents. And he does so without receiving any compensation. Nothing. He does it out of his own volition. Additionally, Tiki’s parents care deeply for him.

Image credit: Facebook/Tiki Edwards

When Tiki’s mother, Cianne, was recently admitted to the hospital, Romy had to visit her immediately.

Tiki writes on Facebook: “When he met his mother today, he burst into tears and clung to her tightly. What a blessing! I just wanted to share something nice instead of the daily bad news.”

Image credit: Facebook/Tiki Edwards

There are a million different activities that Romy could pursue as a teen. But he decides to devote the majority of his time to assisting an elderly couple as much as possible. This reveals something enormous… and very unique about this young man.

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