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The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is now accepting entries for the 2022 contest.

Annually, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards take place. Its goal is to help wildlife in some way. The competition is partnered with a number of environmental advocates.

“The Proposal” by Greg Harvey.
Animal: Alaskan Brown Bear
Location of shot: Lake Clark National Park
Some call it puppy love. Others may bearly have issue with calling it cubs in love…Either that or one cub is scolding the other for pooping in the salad.

This event touches our hearts with the most captivating series of pictures. Photographers are encouraged to submit their own perfect nature conservation photos for an opportunity to win rewards such as a safari in Kenya. The contest wanted to share previously unseen photographs at the festival on April 1, 2022.

“Photo bomb” by Anne Lindner.
Animal: European Ground Squirrel
Location of shot: Vienna, Austria
Groundsquirrels live together in colonies. However, each groundsquirrel has its own burrow. Not infrequently, they are very jealous when the “neighbor from the burrow opposite” seems to have something much tastier to eat. So it happens again and again that it often comes to small quarrels. On this picture the groundsquirrel just wanted to eat a captured barley. However, the gopher in the background was just about to steal this barley from him.

Yearly, the contest publishes a variety of high-quality photographs. The monkey in one of the photos is seen reading the newspaper, which is quite comical. Many of the photos are clearly talented and amusing.

“Let me tell you a joke” by Fija Mills.
Animal: Foxes
Location of shot: Dunes Noord-Holland, Netherlands
These foxes were laughing their heads of as if one told the other a joke.

There are six categories in the contest for 2022. They are Creatures of the Air, Creatures of the Land, Underwater Category, Video Category, Portfolio Category and Junior Category.

They collaborate with the Whitley Fund for Nature (WFN). It is a philanthropic organization based in the United Kingdom that provides assistance to sustainability officials through their respective countries.

“The Ministry of Silly Walks” by Nicolas Reusens.
Animal: Steller sea eagle
Location of shot: Hokkaido, Japan
“The Ministry of Silly Walks” is a sketch from the Monty Python comedy troupe’s television show Monty Python’s Flying Circus. A satire on bureaucratic inefficiency, the sketch involves John Cleese as a bowler-hatted civil servant in a fictitious British government ministry responsible for developing silly walks through grants. This picture really reminded me of this awesome sketches.

The competition is completely free to attend. The selection committee is made up of a wide group of experts. Here are a few of them. Award-winning comedian Russell Kane, Underwater film and diving aficionado Luke Inman, World-renowned wildlife photographers Daisy Gilhardini, Burrard-Lucas, Tim Laman

“A quick pick” by Rick Beldegreen.
Animal: Mountain gorilla, mom & baby
Location of shot: Rwanda
After trekking for several hours to reach this gorilla family, we were fortunate that there were several infants in the group. All their antics are interesting and entertaining. I was fortunate to catch this youngster involved in a “deep dive” nose pick when Mom wasn’t looking.

This year’s competition will run until September 1, 2022. The competition will end in December. Explore the photographs from last year’s competition and join for 2022.

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