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The emotional moment when the stubborn wild horse came to say his last goodbye to his owner!

The connection between people and animals is special and priceless. Love for an animal, whether it be a wild one or a pet, is very precious and valuable.

This demonstrates the amazing bond between humans and horses. Major, the horse in this tale, was a wild, aggressive horse who his owner eventually tamed.

Father of Janna Grapperhause saved the horse from its previous owner. Major was whipped by the previous owner and forced to spend four weeks on a stake without food or water.

The Major is a proud horse who never submits to the whip and makes no effort to bow to anyone, which explains why.

Major bit people while he was brought to Janna’s house, and he broke through their house’s fence shortly after arriving. Janna’s father was determined to gain Major’s trust because of his stubborn behavior.

Janna’s mother opposed Major’s arrival because she thought the horse, whom she called “Big Deal,” threatened Janna.

He had to gain the horse’s trust over a two-year period before he was even given permission to ride the animal.

The wayward horse was eventually tamed, and a wonderful love connection developed between them. Major gives Janna’s father a loving farewell kiss even as he leaves the house.

After a while, Janna’s father developed a serious illness. Unfortunately, he recently passed away. Everyone was shocked by his passing, and the major also arrived to say goodbye to his beloved human father.

Although their time together was brief, it was spent in a loving and precious manner.

Animals Can Be Very Emotional And Loving To Humans.

Animals Give People Unconditional Love and Have Very Sensitive Feelings; They Always Remember How People Treat Them!

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