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The mini horse and rescued goose are inseparable friends and want to be adopted together!

A 6-year-old miniature horse named Waffles is looking for a home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The person who adopts this horse will get a wonderful gift. Hemingway The Goose is his closest friend. Because Hemingway And Waffles Are Inseparable. Their friendship is really strong.

The Horse and His Best Friend, The Goose, As Well As Two Peacocks And Twelve Ducks From A Local Farm Were Rescued In July By The Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals. Officers then took them to the SPCA Barn, where they are now having a good time.

According to Cindy Kelly, director of communications for the Bucks County SPCA (BCSPCA), “They Were Being Kept In Filthy Conditions Without Adequate Shelter.” “We don’t know how long they lived together, but… From the beginning, it seemed to us that these two shared a special bond.”

Waffles has an infection when they move to the new station and begin acclimating to the surroundings. Since then, the two have grown extremely close. When Waffles was ill, Hemingway, the horse’s best friend, would give him comfort every day.

The couple simply seems content together, and Hemingway is particularly keen to keep things that way, Kelly said. They appear to be consoling one another.

Hemingway simply becomes too protective because he doesn’t want to be separated from his friend, Kelly remarked. Hemingway once said, “If He Thinks You’re Trying To Get Between Them, He’ll Honk Or Flap His Wings.”

Workers with the SPCA claim that the two grew close. It is quite challenging to find a forever home with a person willing to adopt them both because they must be adopted together. However, until they find a match, the SPCA won’t accept applications for either animal.

Despite the difficulty of being a package deal, we think Waffles and Hemingway have the potential to find a good owner because their relationship has sparked interest in adoption from people all over the country.

Visit their website to complete an adoption application if residents of Bucks County are interested in adopting Hemingway, Waffles, or other farm animals from the SPCA.

The extraordinary and wonderful relationship between Waffles and Hemingway is unequivocal evidence that you can do anything when a good friend is by your side.

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