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The world’s oldest gymnast, 92-year-old Johanna Quaas does her routine and leaves everyone in the audience in a state of frenzy

It is a well-known fact that physical activity can improve a person’s health and lower the risk of developing several diseases which include type 2 diabetes, can cer and cardiovascular ailments. It has immediate and long-term health benefits which can improve the overall quality of life for individuals.

Take this 92-year-old woman for example, she is not only surviving her twilight years but she has been able to keep herself in impeccable physical shape.

Credits: straitstimes / alphonsus chern

Quaas striking a pose in her signature green velvet leotard. Johanna Quaas was born in born November 20, 1925, in Hohenmölsen. The German gymnast started her career when she was at the tender age of only 10 years old and as of 2018, she is now officially the oldest gymnast in the world.

Quaas is an active gymnast and she continues to represent Germany which is almost inconceivable because many citizens her age find it difficult to climb a flight of stairs.

Credits: straitstimes / alphonsus chern

Quaas firmly believes she will be competing in the sport for a long time to come as she says “Maybe the day I stop doing gymnastics is the day I die”

She says “My proudest moment so far was when I was 84 years old and there was no one in my age group competing in the championships. So they put me with the others in the 70-75 age group and I still won by one point.”

Credits: straitstimes / alphonsus chern

She married the gymnast coach Gerhard Quaas ni 1963 and had three daughters Quaas trains for an hour every day and keeps to a healthy diet where she eats plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Credits: silverfit

She has had three children and even gave competitive handball a try before taking up her passion for gymnastics again when she was 57.

Her strength and agility is impeccable, Her routine looks effortless as she swings from the parallel bars which are set meters above the ground

Credits: world record academy

Quaas says “My face is old but my heart is young. Maybe the day I stop doing gymnastics is the day I die.” Johanna Quaas is the proud holder of a Guinness World Record for being the oldest athlete as she is still competing (and winning) multiple competitions in the present day.

Credits: tmgenealogy.com

Quaas proudly shows off her incredible array of trophies and medals she’s won over the span of her career. Please share her uplifting story with your friends and family on Facebook.

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