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There’s A Succulent Plant That Looks Like It Has Tiny Dolphins On It

Looking for a succulent to add to your collection that looks different? Senecio peregrinus is a species of trailing succulent that is unlike any other you have ever seen, so you might want to memorize its name.

This gorgeous houseplant, sometimes known as a “string of dolphins,” has unusually curved, blue-green leaves that resemble jumping dolphins. The dolphin-shaped leaves, which cascade wonderfully as they mature, will give your house a year-round beach vibe.

Image credit: kao77neko

We advise keeping an eye on the Japanese Twitter community if you wish to find new species of succulents. In addition, it was there that we first encountered the Monilaria obconica, a peculiar-looking succulent that resembles cute little rabbit ears.

We took our sweet time exploring the aforementioned online group in the hopes of learning more, and it was worthwhile. A stunning succulent plant with leaves that resemble miniature leaping dolphins was shared on Twitter by user @kao77neko.

Senecio peregrinus is the name of the exquisite succulent, according to some “comments reading” we conducted.

Senecio Peregrinus Is A Succulent Known For Its Dolphin-Shaped Leaves

Image credit: kao77neko

In response to a barrage of questions about the plant, the Japanese Twitter user snapped additional photographs of Senecio peregrinus to provide a closer look at its leaves.

Image credit: kao77neko

The Twitter user also stated in the description that the leaves like dolphins leaping from every angle. The longer the vines grow, the more dolphin-like the leaves become.

Image credit: kao77neko

These trailing succulents would look excellent in hanging baskets and vertical gardens, where the trailing vines can cascade beautifully.

You no longer need to fly to Japan to obtain one of these exquisite items. The Senecio peregrinus is readily available online and can be delivered to your doorsteps already planted in a container.

Image credit: kao77neko

This houseplant flourishes best in a room with adequate lighting. Like other succulents, it is susceptible to death from overwatering. Water the soil until it is totally saturated, then wait until it is completely dry before watering again.

Image credit: kao77neko

It grows best in late April, when its clusters of cinnamon-scented, white-pink flowers bloom.

Image credit: kao77neko

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