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This Is How 2 Different Bodies Can Style The Same Clothes

Many people believe that they need to have one size of the body to be stylish or to look good. But the truth is, you can style anything if you wear the clothing the proper way. Some people might think that it is simply not possible, but it is.

To debunk this mass misconception, Denise Mercedes, a style influencer teamed up with one of her friends, Maria Castellanos. These two friends together got the #StyleNotSize challenge up and running on Instagram which got a huge number of photos after they initiated it. This challenge basically shows that people with two different body sizes can wear the same style of clothing and still look good. This became a huge trend because people did not believe that this was possible before they tried it themselves. This amazingly stylish couple of friends took the internet by storm. Scroll down to check out what they brought with them!

More info & Photo courtesy: | TikTok | Denise | Maria | TikTok | YouTube

Denise believes that being an influencer makes her a responsible character on social media to influence people’s lives with positivity. So she took on one of the greatest myths that people have on clothing, especially women.

And her attempt to create this positive impact she intended worked really well as a lot of people responded and joined these trends both over multiple social media platforms. You will clearly see that all shapes and sizes are beautiful and anyone can style themselves with any clothing if they style it according to their own body, not others’.

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