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This Is What Happened When Men Were Given Period Pains For The First Time

Menstrual pain isn’t something that could be suffered silently. More like for some women the pain is extreme, while others suffer a little less. But the struggle during the 5-7 days for all women is terrible. Not only stomach pain but also irritating, constant bleeding, backaches, PMS, headaches are a real thing. We often do find people do actually have the audacity to make fun of women for acting weirdly during their periods.

Before jumping into the fun part where the guys tried the device out, let’s get to know what menstrual pain really is and how the pain is. Though it is verbally impossible to explain the same yet, somewhat plausible. Menstrual pain is a sensation of throbbing, terrible aching in the lower belly.

It mostly happens during your periods and when the period is about to start. Mansplaining things and casual sexism is a very common factor anyway, the word ‘casual sexism’ explains the rest anyway. People tend to say that women act like this intentionally during the week of their menstrual time frame.

Some of us are well aware of the pregnancy simulator pain device which helps people to understand how painful periods are. Similarly, there is a device to stimulate period and cramps pain.

The NGO named Uphaar collaborated with Kamakyha India to make men experience menstrual cramps with the period stimulator. And obviously, the results weren’t favorable for the people going through the main. They experienced the kind of pain they probably never did in a clear lifetime.

The reactions were of course hilarious in the eyes of women who tend to go through this pain for almost a week every month. You can the complete Instagram reel below.

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