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This Ohio man was able to build a gigantic igloo with multiple rooms for his family to enjoy

We have all undoubtedly tried to create anything with snow at some point in our lives if we live in a region where it snows.

Or for the majority of us, it was back then. Yet for his family, this Ohioan has elevated the art of snow-building to a whole new level.

Source: Youtube/Fox 8 News Cleveland

Blake Dixon has always loved winter weather and snow days. He had dreams in middle school about making a palace or other significant structures out of snow.

The native of Ohio recently fulfilled that desire.

Source: Youtube/Fox 8 News Cleveland

Blake thought about the physical aspects of such a project for years before beginning to design a more concrete approach a few weeks ago.

Of course, he had assistance along the road from friends and didn’t do it alone.

The project had a rough beginning.

Blake’s friend told Fox 8 News in Cleveland, “When we initially started working on it, all we had was a pile of snow, and then we were working on the interior to pull it all out.” The dome was able to be rebuilt when the top fell because to Blake’s creativity and a little bit of tenacity.

Source: Youtube/Fox 8 News Cleveland

Nevertheless, despite the initial difficulties, the team managed to create an outstanding igloo.

The igloo currently has a complete sitting area, a hallway, and another chamber. Right now, it can accommodate at least seven people and two kids.

Source: Youtube/Fox 8 News Cleveland

In an interview with Fox 8, Blake revealed that the project was still unfinished despite the building’s size and space. The group was already working on ideas for a chimney and a fireplace when he arrived.

Source: Youtube/Fox 8 News Cleveland

Yet, Dixon only recently shared the finished building on his own Instagram account, receiving hundreds of likes in the process.

Blake praised everyone who helped him with the endeavour and showed gratitude for his friends and family in his social media igloo posts.

He wrote, “Brainstorm an idea and make it happen.” “Seeing an idea come to life, watching people smile, and motivating the young community is a blessing!”

With a master’s degree in climate change and global sustainability, the Ohio resident recently completed her studies. He asserted that he was now “prepared to save the world.”
Blake Dixon sets out to save the world, and while we are unsure if he will succeed, it is obvious that he works incredibly hard to achieve his aims.
Comment below and let us know what you think of his amazing achievement!

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