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This Powerful Photo Has Gone Viral For All The Right Reasons

The men and women in the United States mil itary make so many sacrifices and do so much for us that it is heartwarming to see actions like those of a man at an Atlanta Braves game. Whether you are a Braves fan or not, you have to admit what this man did is pretty amazing.

The rain was coming down at the game and a JROTC member stood at attention in honor of the POW-MIA Chair of Honor on Memorial Day. He wasn’t allowed to move, even though other fans were covering up to get some relief from the rain.

That’s when a fan at the game who was dressed in a red raincoat stood up and held an umbrella over the young man to shield him from the rain. The act of kindness and respect caught the attention of plenty of people at the game who took photos and shared them on social media.

Even the Atlanta Braves posted it to their Twitter with a one-word caption, “Respect.” The image rapidly spread around the internet with compliments for the man for showing respect for the military. Another fan shared their view as well, “They sacrifice so much for us. We can sacrifice for them too!

The Braves dedicated the empty chair in Suntrust Park last year in honor of the service men and women who have remained unaccounted for since World War I. This guy holding an umbrella over a soldier standing by the seat and plaque dedicated to the 92,000+ unaccounted for American soldiers since WWI

If you think this act of service is amazing and that these women and men deserve respect, please share this with your friends. What is think about this seen. Share this amazing story with your friends also.

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