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This Retired Couple Who Cosplays Grows Old In Style

Cosplay is a very popular hobby in modern pop culture. A lot of young people who love, movies, games, and other digital entertainment dress up as their favorite characters. But we do not see a lot of elderly citizens being involved in cosplay since dressing up as different pop characters seem to be something that they are not interested in.

This story is about a retired couple who do not care about their age, they are still young at heart and you might see why. Meet Steven & his lovely wife Millie, they are retired and are enjoying their retirement in style. They first got into cosplay in 2014. With the support of their own daughter who also does cosplay, they did their first cosplay as the couple from the movie ‘UP’. From there onwards, they quickly got the whiff of it and the rest of history. They have tried on a lot of costumes from different movies and now are famous for doing this as a retired couple on the internet! Scroll down to read more of this awesome story.

More info & photo courtesy: Cosplay Parents

This sweet couple was very introverted before they went into cosplay. But with the influence of their daughter and the boredom the retired life brought them, they comfortably slid into cosplay. They did not want to spend the senior years of their lives sitting and sleeping, trapped in a monotonous lifestyle. Now they have found their calling and if you visit their Facebook account, you will find them visiting loads of cosplay events all around California.

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