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This Russian Guy Creates Hilarious Celebrity Photo Parodies

Celebrities and photos are two things that are bound together. You will find thousands and thousands of photos of celebrities no matter where they go or no matter what they do. Fame is a part of their profession that will help them professionally but at the same time, it will place them in the spotlight even when they do not prefer to.

Like every industry in the current society, the entertainment industry has advanced and become more competitive than before. Therefore, celebrities and other famous figures do have to mind themselves even when they spend time in public casually. They are always being followed and stalked by the eyes of media, paparazzi, tabloids, and the public. So, they always take care to look their best whenever they step out. Thus we get to see celebrities in all sorts of latest fashion and beauty trends all the time. Using all of these photos of celebrities, one man saw an opportunity to deploy his hilarious creativity. Scroll down to check out what this article is about.

More info & Photo courtesy: Yuri Isterika

#1. Penelope Cruz.

Photo Credit: Yuri Isterika

#2. Kim Kardashian.

Photo Credit: Yuri Isterika

#3. Ariana Grande.

Photo Credit: Yuri Isterika

#4. Gigi Hadid.

Photo Credit: Yuri Isterika

#5. Emilia Clarke

Photo Credit: Yuri Isterika

#6. Elton John.

Photo Credit: Yuri Isterika

#7. Angelina Jolie.

Photo Credit: Yuri Isterika
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