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This Stray Dog Was Found Carrying Abandoned Kittens Off The Side Of The Road

If there’s something in this world that keeps warming our hearts on a daily basis without ever tiring or stopping, it’s definitely our most precious four-legged friends. And out of them all, the doggos could probably be considered the most giving animals of all. This cute stray just proved it once more by despite being out in the cold herself didn’t even hesitate and went on sharing her warmth with a litter of five abandoned kittens.

Image credits: Pet and Wildlife Rescue

This adorable girl was found last week guarding and keeping five kittens warm by the side of the road in Ontario, Canada. It’s unknown whether the kittens were dumped by a human or were abandoned by their momma cat but it’s certain their adoptive mother is definitely not that careless. All six animals are now being taken care of by Pet And Wildlife Rescue after a kind-hearted citizen informed the shelter about them.

Image credits: Pet and Wildlife Rescue

The dog was named Serenity by shelter workers and is estimated to be approximately 2 years old and still has the childish energy in her. Shelter workers said she likes zooming around outside and will run in circles around any person or object that’s with her in the yard of the shelter. Serenity “can be quite jumpy and needs to be taught some manners,” they said but immediately confirmed that they’re already working on that.

Image credits: Pet and Wildlife Rescue

While she’s proven to be quite a good momma and definitely doesn’t have a problem with cats, the shelter staff say she would probably be better off in a home without small children in it. But she’s not ready to go to her forever home yet as she still has to be spayed on December 3rd.

While people are wondering why the shelter is not giving Serenity up for adoption along with the kittens she was found with, the shelter staff said the kittens are not old enough to be on their own yet. But that’s not a reason to leave Serenity hanging and postpone her finding a forever home since some people are already ready to love her! We hope all six of them end up in loving homes and never have to freeze on the side of the road again!

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