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Tiktok user catches dad helping baby get exercise in the funniest way on their flight

Most people fear the energy and exhaustion their infant would exhibit in the packed planes when they have to travel with their babies. Nevertheless, when she sat a few rows behind this father, this Tiktok user might have found a brilliant parenting trick.

For parents and their babies, lengthy flights can be stressful. In addition to the typical stresses of parenting, the tension caused by the emotions of other passengers can be too much to bear. Yet, this father has it under control.

The father and child were spotted by fiction writer and TikToker Darcey (@darceomatic) on a recent flight. Darcey noticed a father exercising his infant on the plane a few rows in front of her without ever leaving his seat.

Source: @darceomatic

Darcy saw a portion of the viral footage in which the infant was seen trying to crawl away from his father before the latter pulled him back by the seat of his pants. The infant was able to keep moving toward his father while crawling thanks to a sort of treadmill effect. About a million people have already watched the video.

Parenting hack seen on recent travel to London, Darcey captioned the photo.

The infant crawls along the aisle of the airplane as the father sits back in his seat to unwind. The infant starts to crawl again until the father gently leans out to bring him back. This keeps happening, delighting the child and making it easy for the parent to unwind.

Source: @darceomatic

The infant has clearly been exhausted by the time the video ends because he lies down rather than continuing to crawl.

The number of views, likes, and comments reveals how amazed people are by this straightforward but unusual concept.

Source: @darceomatic

We adore how this dad kept his child occupied on the plane without having to exert himself. 

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