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Veteran who says drinking beer everyday is the key to a long life turns 103

Many health professionals will offer you the typical advice on how to live an extended life, such as eating more vegetables and drinking more water.

However, one veteran who recently marked his incredible 103rd birthday has a very different approach: just drink a beer every day!

Having a Coors Light every afternoon, Pittsburgher and World War II Air Force veteran Andrew Slavonic has become a star and a hero to beer connoisseurs everywhere.

A month after his 101st birthday, Andrew informed CBS Denver, “Every day at four o’clock.” “We might be about a half-hour late, but we still get that drink at four”


He claims that he began sipping a cold Coors Light every day after mowing his grass in the afternoon and kept doing so well into his 100th year.

The fact that Andrew is still going strong after all these years suggests that the beer may have something to do with it. As he told CBS, “I can sit here and sip this all day it’s like a medicine.”

Andrew doesn’t care which, he just likes to consume a cold one: “I just love to drink it, that’s all.”

He enjoys a daily beer ritual with his son, Bob, who says his father certainly knows how to stay young. He doesn’t drink alone.

They simply don’t think he is that ancient because he only appears to be in his 70s, Bob said to Fox News last year.

Every morning at 8:30, he gets clothed, enters the kitchen, and prepares his own breakfast, Bob said. Later, after preparing his own lunch, he reviews the daily newspaper in his home office.

Andrew has a strong commitment to Coors Lite and never changes his mind about it. When the business learned who their largest and oldest fan was, they surprised him with a visit to their brewery in Golden, Colorado, where he was able to sample beer straight from the tap.

The expression on his face was amazing, Bob said. “This, in my opinion, is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”


After another year has passed, Andrew recently marked his 103rd birthday on December 1.

Although a lot has altered in the last few months, Andrew is still enjoying his daily beer.

Bob recently told Fox News, “At 103 years old, he is still consuming his daily Coors Light.” “I firmly believe that is what has sustained him for so long.”

Another brewery tour may not be feasible right now, but Coors Light has continued to show its appreciation for his support by providing him with a variety of branded items, including a fridge that is completely stocked with the beer.

Cheers to Andrew Slavonic’s bday! Salutations for a long and healthy existence!

Perhaps all it takes to succeed in life is to relax with a cool beer. Publish this tale if you concur!

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