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Widow Seen Kissing Husband’s Coffin Covered with the American Flag: ‘Another Angel’s Coming Home’

In a terrible turn of events, a woman in black approached, put her hands on a coffin covered in a flag, and started crying. The deeply moving scene was seen by millions of people as it went viral online.
The people we love have our best interests at heart and may even put themselves in danger to keep us safe. Yet consider what a soldier who is responsible for defending the lives and freedom of every state citizen must be thinking and feeling.
We now have the freedom and liberty to spend time with our loved ones and live happy and fulfilled lives as a result of the courageous fighters’ sacrifices. Every day, their only concern is protecting us from harm and anxiety, and they never hesitate to risk their own lives to do so.

To make sure that everyone goes to bed every night feeling safe requires courage, bravery, sacrifice, and love. The narrative we’re presenting today is about the suffering and sadness people endure in silence as well as the innumerable sacrifices that occasionally go unappreciated. In Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Shawn David Thomas resided with his wife Tara Thomas and their four children, Cheyenne, Taylor, Gavin, and Natylyn. Shawn was a Special Forces warrant officer in addition to being a fantastic husband and father.
In the beginning of 2017, Warrant Officer 1 Shawn Thomas of the 1st Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group was serving in Niger, Africa, on his ninth deployment, when he was involved in an accident. Shawn was killed in a car accident on February 2, 2017, while he was serving in Niger, Africa, according to his obituary. Shawn has served in defence of our freedom on eight occasions while doing a profession he loved. Shawn, 35, was a Green Beret and an Echo in the Special Forces. He completed his training as a warrant officer in December 2016. The officer, his wife, and their four children made their home in North Carolina. Behind his enormous beard, tattoos, and bulky physique, Shawn was a small-town Oklahoma kid whose views, values, and family served as his compass. Williams made the decision to take further action after observing the reactions of the other passengers. Shawn’s flag-draped casket landed at Raleigh-Durham International Airport in Morrisville, North Carolina, on February 14, 2017. Shawn’s coffin was being removed from the aircraft in a scene taken on camera by Lisa West Williams, a fellow passenger on the flight.

Standing in the pouring rain, the woman in mourning laid her hands tenderly on the stars and stripes of the American flag before sobbing uncontrollably. She was slouched over the casket of her deceased spouse and was unable to stop kissing and cuddling it. Williams claimed to have shot the video out of the plane’s window and described how she was overcome with emotion. “I just so happened to be in the perfect position [to film] the perfect scene,” she continued. Oh, I wept. I sobbed uncontrollably. I cried and sneezed just like I did when I was younger. It was painful to watch. Yet, the traveller observed that she wasn’t the only one who was affected by the dramatic sight. Around her, other passengers shared her sentiments, and many of them broke down in tears. “They were simply surprised and they were crying,” Williams said. Snorts were audible. Indeed, the woman in front of me said, “Well, another angel’s coming home.” Williams explained that she felt compelled to capture the tragic event on camera so she could show it to her children and educate them about the daily sacrifices the heroic officers make. Williams made the decision to take further action after observing the reactions of the other passengers. The woman claimed she asked Tara, the late Warrant Officer Shawn’s wife, for approval to post the video online. Williams soon uploaded the moving video on social media, where it received millions of views. “She [Tara] wanted to show the world that this happens and that we should be grateful for these men and women,” the source stated. Shawn received two Bronze Stars and Good Conduct Medals for his service. For his efforts in Niger, he received a Meritorious Service Medal and an Army Commendation Medal posthumously. At Arlington National Cemetery, he was laid to rest. For Tara and her courageous late husband Shawn, many internet users offered supportive remarks. “Freedom isn’t free; it’s purchased with the deaths of brave men and women,” one person said. It still strikes me, nearly ten years later, that this might have been my wife standing over my coffin, said the second person, who identified himself as an Australian soldier. Yet, one Marine risked his life in order to preserve mine and my mate’s. I’ve never met him. I missed hearing his name. But it is because of his sacrifice that I was able to return home to my children. “So grateful for our military, and also so sad that we live in a violent world that needs them,” a different individual commented. Godspeed to the bereaved wife and family of this slain hero. It was crucial that everyone watch this video.
What a horrifying and incredibly painful sight. We must not forget our departed warriors. If you agree, kindly like and share this beautiful story with your family and friends.

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