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Witty grandma distributes Ouija boards to loved ones at her funeral: ‘Let’s keep in touch’

The thought of leaving all of our loved ones behind is a frightening thought.

Jo Marie Perryman, or Jodie as she was known to many, didn’t want to lose connection with her loved ones. She therefore gave everyone a ouija board to use to contact her in order to correct the situation.

A picture of the joke gift was posted on Twitter by her 20-year-old granddaughter, and it quickly went viral.

I got this at my grandmother’s funeral. What a symbol. pic.

— Gracie Perryman on October 18, 2022 (@qrracie).
Her obituary stated, “She had a quick wit and a smart sense of humour which kept everyone who knew her on their toes. It was unusual to prevail in a wits match with her.

Cards with a picture of the 81-year-old pulling a silly face and waving her middle fingers in the air were given out to loved ones as evidence that her brilliant sense of humour persisted even after her passing.

She also sent a small letter that read, “Let’s keep in touch,” as well as a ouija board for anyone brave enough to get in touch with her.

Her granddaughter Gracie Perryman described it as “hilarious” to Today. “And everyone agreed that was “so Jodie of her,” of course.”

Before her grandmother passed away on October 12, she claimed that Jodie had posted something on Facebook that hinted at creating a ouija board to distribute at her funeral, but Gracie hadn’t given it much thought.
It wasn’t until Gracie arrived at the funeral that she and about thirty to forty other attendees started reading their letters.

“Everyone was laughing while dying. It was funny because that was so her, she remarked.

When Gracie tweeted about her grandmother’s letter, many people replied that it was “amazing” and “the stuff of LEGENDS,” respectively.

Some even related similar tales about the tragic final laugh of their loved ones.

Oh my goodness, I really love this! I want people to remember their wonderful experiences, thus I want to do something similar for my funeral.

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