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Woman lashes out at bridal store over the wedding dress they sent her – only to be told her embarrassing mistake

Even before the world stopped functioning due to this terrible pandemic, online shopping was on the rise, but now that everyone is forced to spend more time at home, it has become the standard for many households.

Online shopping for some products, like toys, is generally risk-free as long as you come from a reliable source, but buying apparel is a completely different story.

I’m sure a lot of us have had the experience of ordering clothing online that, when it comes and we try it on, looks completely different.

One bride-to-be discovered this lesson the hard way when she purchased her wedding dress, undoubtedly the most significant piece of clothing the majority of women will ever purchase.


She tried the dress on and shared a photo of herself while pointing out the details that were missing from the dress she had ordered. She even complained about the dress in a vehement message to store employees.

Staff members immediately pointed out the Kentucky bride-to-embarrassing be’s mistake after that.

“Hi, you put the dress on inside out, please put it on the right way,” staff at the store wrote, as per the Mirror newspaper.

Thankfully, the 33-year-old bride recognised the irony and was relieved that a quick adjustment could transform the dress back into her dream dress in time for the big event.

The Mirror

She used social media to joke about her error, which I’m sure the store’s employees appreciated.

Who knew wedding dresses were delivered inside out? The dress “actually came out beautiful,” she continued, adding.

I required the giggle.
No matter how much school we have under our belts, she jokingly said, “Sometimes we’ll still lack common sense, like how to put clothes on correctly.”

Many people were appreciative of the laugh her story had given them, and her message was shared hundreds of times.

One person commented: “Girl I’m over here dying to see photos of you with it inside out,” and another wrote: “Thank you for this! I required the giggle. I simply adore you! You were stunning from the inside out!

Daily Mail

This chuckle is exactly what we all need right now to help us remember that life isn’t all that serious.

Please spread the word to your loved ones and close acquaintances to cheer them up today.

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