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Woman sets up wildlife camera near her outdoor Xmas tree and the results are absolutely magical.

Donna Eberle shares her Christmas display and all the wildlife who come to enjoy it on her Twitter account. Although I may not be one to set up a ton of decorations outside when the holidays come around, I sure do love to see all the neighbors and people around town who go all out.

Image credit: Twitter

Donna Eberle, not only has decorations for her neighbors to see but has a whole setup dedicated to her local wildlife!

Donna realized how much wildlife was in their neighborhood and wanted to do something special. As an animal lover, when Donna realized how much wildlife was around their home in Ashburn, VA, she wanted to create something special for them.

Image credit: Twitter

What started as a cute idea to bring around the wildlife for her to see, became a viral sensation with footage that the world loved once she began sharing! Donna said “I started sharing some of their antics on my personal Facebook page and after seeing the positive reactions from many of my friends.

I decided to start sharing my footage on the Nextdoor app and created an “Animals of Ashburn” page on Facebook” – Uplift Loudoun

Image credit: Twitter

Donna and her husband see this wildlife regularly throughout the year! Sharing that they typically see some kind of animal every night. “Throughout the year regular visitors include several foxes, opossums, raccoons, skunks and deer, all stopping by almost nightly.” – Uplift Loudoun

When she realized how many people were enjoying her wildlife content, she went on to continue setting up special treats for them during other holidays. Cheers to the celebrations throughout the year! On Valentine’s day, there were treats for her furry valentines!

Image credit: Twitter

On St. Patrick’s day, she set up a pot of “gold” and a cute photo opportunity that says “Kiss Me I’m Irish.” She captured a picture-perfect moment of these two deer! On the 4th of July, there was an American flag and LED fireworks for the wildlife to enjoy.And special treats for well-behaved trick-or-treaters on Halloween!

Image credit: Twitter

As you can see in the video below, a raccoon Donna and her husband named Lucy came up to the door! Donna’s husband left the door open to get some treats and Lucy decided to invite herself inside. It’s amazing the connection that the Eberle family has with these animals.

Image credit: Twitter

Donna encourages others to care for their local wildlife. Something as easy as setting up treats and snacks for her local wildlife turned into a beautiful relationship they have with so many animals along with an online following of so many people who enjoy watching her content.

Image credit: Twitter

In seeing the effort she has put in, I know I am more encouraged to tune in with the nature around me and to be a part of the beautiful and amazing world we live in. Check out her awesome video below.

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