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Young woman reunites with firefighters who helped deliver her as a baby 22 years ago

A 22-year-old North Carolina lady just gained some further knowledge on her birth narrative.

Janea Watson remarked, “I’ve never seen a baby picture of me.

On January 21, Watson and three of the Winston-Salem firefighters who assisted in delivering her over twenty years ago met together again.

It was a unique occasion for everyone concerned.

“I was just shocked and excited,” Watson remarked.
Firefighters from the Winston-Salem Fire Department responded to a medical call on November 10 of 1992.

Ron Hepler, a former fire captain of Station 3, stated that it occurred on November 10 at 6:27 in the morning.

Hepler said that it was the twelfth call of the evening for his crew.

“Nothing obstructed our path. We exited, entered, and the grandmother announced, “We didn’t call any firefighters.” I told him, ‘When the ambulance gets here, we’ll back out of the way,'” Hepler recalled.

Perfect timing
They arrived just in time because when the mother subsequently announced that “the baby was coming,” Hepler reacted fast and grabbed the infant.

Twitter/Winston-Salem FD

“They said that her neck was wrapped in the umbilical cord. They had to move quickly, and they did a great job. She cried once, and that was it. According to Jennie Watson, Janea’s grandma, “They knew everything was okay.

When Jennie organized a reunion six months later, Janea was too young, but the firefighters recalled the beautiful experience.
Thus, Janea’s grandma planned another meeting 22 years later, and this time was one the young woman would never forget.

She said, “I want to thank you and I’m glad for them.
That was the first time Janea had ever seen a picture of herself as a newborn or heard the tale of her birth.

I’m crying joyful tears as I read this. I’m so happy that Janea was able to get back together with the people who gave birth to her. I sincerely hope that they continue to have a connection.

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